July 21. 2008

Miss me?? This weekend we (Andy, the girls, Becky, and I) were camping. Relaxing at the beach, sitting around a fire, and just unwinding. It was absolutely wonderful...even if the weather didn't completely cooperate at night. Saturday night we actually went into town for a while to get some ice cream. We ended up getting hot chocolates to warm us from being drenched though. Sunday it thundered some and rained for a little bit. During the days though, it was beautiful. Sunday we spent about 4 hours at the beach. We had a picnic, swam, read, and the girls played in the sand. Andy, Becky, and I ended up with some sun burn...with Andy being the worst. Being the diligent mom that I am though, the girls aren't burnt at all. Kalli has a small area on her back that is a little pink, but isn't warm to the touch at all.

It was a great little vacation over all, and I'm counting down to our next trip in late August.

Conversation with Kalli today while Andy and I were setting up the tent in my parents' backyard to finish drying...

Kalli: Can I come down on grass
Me: Yes
Kalli: Is there any dog poop down there?
Me: I don't see any, but if you want...go ask grandpa to come out and walk around with you to pick any up.
Kalli: You ask grandpa
Me: No...he is your grandpa, you ask.
Kalli: You ask, he is your parent. I'm not asking.

At this point I was stunned. Andy said just to me, "I guess she told you" I said that I guessed so, but it wasn't going to get done then. She did end up going in to talk to grandpa on her own.

She is such a little spit fire. Pray for me.