July 15, 2008

For at least the next week, I will be writing any blogs that I post before 10pm.

Today Andy got a call at 9am from work asking if he could come in ASAP. There have been 4 people fired from his department on the first shift and for at least this week Andy will be working first shift. He has put in his request to move permanently to first shift and we're hoping that it goes through. It would be nice to have him around at night and to have a somewhat regular schedule. It would be very nice once school starts back up and he'd be able to actually see them at night, help with homework, and baths.

So I'll be going to bed at about 10, for at least this week. Andy will be getting up at 6 to get ready for work. And I will be up with the kids in the morning. Way too early.

Wish me luck.