June 7, 2008

Today we had a Girl Scout meeting. It was actually our "end of the year party". Of course we have one last meeting next weekend, so it really wasn't the end of the year, but close enough. We took the girls to Bay Beach for rides and then burgers/hot dogs. They had an absolute blast. None of the girls wanted to go home, but the fun had to end as rain was on it's way.

Cassie and Kalli were thrilled because Andy took them on the Ferris Wheel.

I got sick to my stomach just watching. I hate the Ferris Wheel! I don't like my babies being that high up and I really don't like having to smile and wave. I prefer to turn so my back is to them and I can't see them. Just watching them go up and come down makes my stomach turn. And lucky me, Kalli is probably going to love all the rides that make my stomach clench. She is like that, ya know. Dare Devil, not afraid of anything, let's give mommy a heart attack 500 times.

On another note, why is it Andy and I do good at putting sunscreen on the girls, but never manage to get it on ourselves? We aren't lobsters, but getting changed tonight, you can definitely tell that we got sun. Pink is our color for the next day or two.