June 24, 2008

Right now it is 74 in our apartment and I am fighting the part of me that wants to flip on the air conditioning. I'm warm, however I know that if I turn on the air now, it'll cool down outside and then I'll just be turning off the air again. Also, once the air is on and you are used to that cooler air, it seems so much hotter outside.

One of our bedroom windows is next to the air conditioner units and I can tell you that other apartments have had air on for weeks already. I know that I'll give in sooner or later, but for now....I'm fighting it.

Tomorrow is Kids' Day. We are up in the air if we are going to go join in any of the craziness of free things offered around the city for kids. With weather predicting rain/storms tomorrow and how nice a day home would be...we'll play it by ear.

Only 4 days until camping. Even Kalli knows how many days are left. We are counting down.