It's win win for everyone.

Right now the girls are playing Wii with one of Cassie's friends who is spending the day here. Tomorrow, my niece will be spending the day here with the girls, sleeping over, and staying until the afternoon on Friday. Can you guess how jazzed up my girls are?? If you can't guess, let me help you...VERY!

And me? I'm actually good with it. This morning when Cassie's said friend was dropped off, the mom wished me luck. I laughed, but I actually think that it is easier to watch more then just my kids. Reason being they entertain each other. After a little bit of just Cassie and Kalli, they are annoying each other which in turn drives me up the wall. When other kids are here, there is more buffer or such. Therefore, nicer for me :)

It is nice win win for the kids and me. They have others to play with, have a wonderful time, and I am not their sole playmate.