In the words of Kalli... It's SOOOoooo exciting!

Today was an exciting day for Cassie and Kalli. Kyra, their cousin, spent the day with them. She is also spending the night and the morning with us. Can you understand the excitement??

We spent part of the early day (before storms moved in) at the park. By 5:30 Kalli was asking if it was time to go to bed. Then, about every half hour after that, she would ask Kyra if she was tired yet.

At about 9, I had the girls get ready for bed and go in the room. I got them all set up on the floor, and told them that they didn't have to go right to sleep, but just to lay, talk, and start calming down. By the time they were all in the room and such it was about 9:30.

Here is the rest of the evening...

9:34 Loud thunder and Cassie starts crying some. I go into room and tell Cassie that it is ok. Kyra says something about Kalli not being scared. I turn the light on to find that Kalli is asleep already.
9:36 Kyra calls me into the room. She is worried about Kalli because she is sleeping with her blanket over her face. I explain that Cassie used to do the same thing and that she'll be fine.
9:45 Cassie calls me in the room. Kalli is snoring too loud. I ask what I am suppose to do. I roll her over and tell them that she may roll back.
9:48 Cassie calls me in the room. She hears noises. It is people walking around upstairs. I tell Cassie that Kyra is there so she doesn't need to be scared. Kyra informs us that she is a coward. (Thanks for the help there Kyra!)

I was called in a couple other times for random things, but now it is 10:30 and all is quiet.

I'm pretty good at this handling three kids thing. Should have had another. Then again...maybe I'll just borrow other people's kids from time to time.