But I will cry...

Today I took Kalli to the library for a story time called "no nappers" She has been to this story time one other time and was a little unsure of it that time until it was time to leave. Today she loved it. She was talking some and didn't lean on me at all. In fact, I probably could have left the room. I'm going to try that this next time. When I mentioned leaving the room for a little bit Kalli's comment was "But I will cry."

I told her that she would be in there with all her friends. And Kalli then said, "I have my own friends now. I'm bigger now."

She is so excited about being bigger.

However, when we were driving past the YMCA today she said to no one in particular, "I'm not going in Kids Korner by myself"

So big in some ways and so little in others.