April 1, 2008

Today the girls and I were over at my aunt's house and we were writing words for the girls to read. Cassie of course was excellent at this "game". She is awesome at reading.

Aunt Mary was writing for Kalli. First she wrote Kalli. Then Cassie. Then mom and dad. Then cat and dog. Then Kalli's favorite word...mop. Kalli guessed all these words. Then she wrote the word Mary. Kalli looked at the word and said "Auntie Mary" Both my aunt's mouth and mine dropped open. I know that she has seen the word before, but to remember it and recognize it?? We gave high fives and told her that she was super smart.

And Kalli... She agreed and ate it up.

The words we did for Cassie?? States and planets. Missouri, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Neptune, Venus, etc. Cassie loves this game. For her it is a way to show off.