What is it about Spring Break and there being so many kids at the library?

Cassie doesn't like there being so many kids and therefore, won't go play. Instead she glues herself to my side and I am constantly telling her to go play. Mind you, when it is time to leave she will be all upset because she will want to play.

I can't fault her too much though. I still remember when I was younger how much I dreaded having to make friends and talk to kids I didn't know. Instead I would sit on the side being shy and wishing someone would include me. I really see this in Cassie.

Kalli isn't afraid to walk up to kids and say "Hi, my name is Kalli. Do you want to play?" I only wish that Cassie would be more like this. I am constantly trying to get Cassie not to be so shy. I know from personal experience that it leaves you with regrets of what school and such could have been like.

So I'll just keep telling her...go play!