March 3, 2008

Today was Cassie's first day home from school because of her surgery. All day I wondered one thing. Why is it that she is off of school?

She spent the day playing and I spent the day reminding her that she has to stay calm and rest. Let me just say that 7 year olds don't understand that concept. If it weren't for the fact that every so often, she needs her pain meds for her throat and the fact that from time to time her voice goes, you would never know she had surgery 3 days ago.

If it weren't for the fact that we have to watch her for bleeding and she is taking narcotics, I would be seriously wondering why we have to keep her home. Well, I'm wondering why she is home anyhow...but I understand the reasons.

Kalli is loving having her sister home. They play pretty much all day. There are a few arguments, but they wouldn't be sisters without them. I'd have less headaches, but they wouldn't be sisters.

So, tonight I looked at when I started this site. Mainly because I now have over 250 posts. I was surprised to see when I started it. August 22, 2006. So I've been doing this site for over a year and a half now. Wow!

Here is a picture from I September of that year.

Is it just me or have they really grown up??