Preview of my new lens

So like I said in my previous blog, today I purchased a new lens for my camera. This lens lets me zoom in on things that are a distance away. Or just get more close-up without having to be right up next to the object. Would you like to see an example or two? Of course, you know I have examples. Let me show you a little of what I can do with it.

Look...I can take a picture of a clump of icicles. OR Still standing in the same place.....

I can show you a close up of icicles.

I can show you a picture of my calendar. OR Still standing in the same place...

I can show you a close up and actual dates on the calendar.

Cool, huh? I know. You probably aren't as excited and entertained as me. But just think of the wonderful pictures I can bring you now. Yeah...thought that might make you more excited.