2 down, a lot more to go.

Today Cassie was playing at my parent's house, make believing to be a puppy. She had a washcloth in her mouth and they were playing tug of war with her. All of a sudden the wash cloth slipped a little and pulled the tooth next to her already gone tooth loose. She started crying.

This is when Andy and I walked in. Cassie had a birthday party to attend and we were picking her up to bring her to it. As I talked to her I found out that she didn't want to go anymore. In fact, she didn't want to eat, talk, and if she could have gotten away with not breathing she probably would have done that too.

I told her that she had to go to the was just a loose tooth after all. The rest of the night she cried off and on. She wouldn't talk at all...scared to move her tooth.

Then at about 5:30 tonight I was looking at it telling her how loose it was and I asked Andy to get me a wash cloth. I was considering just pulling it to get it over with. Cassie looked at me and said "Can you just pull it. Don't wiggle it though...just pull up"

So I did. I pulled her tooth, which came out quite easy. Just one day...loose tooth, no tooth.

I am very proud at how brave Cassie was at the end. Even though she cried about it through out the day, when I pulled it there was no crying, just one little ow as roots broke.

Now she has one bigger hole on the bottom. Pictures will be coming.