Popsicle, slushie, or water?

Today was Cassie's surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids. And for anyone that I haven't talked to today, she is doing well. As I'm typing this, she is sleeping in my bed. Snoring.

Andy has given up his bed for tonight, and possibly tomorrow (depending on how Cassie is doing) so that she can be close to me and I can monitor her. He is such a good daddy. I did give him a hard time though on how that meant he'd get a full night of sleep, and I wouldn't. He knows I'm only joking though...I wouldn't be able to sleep good if I couldn't monitor her at least for tonight.

Cassie came through the whole ordeal like a trooper. I'm so proud of how brave she can be and how good she handles pain. I am a little worried about tomorrow though because I know that a lot of the time the day after is worse then the day of. We'll be sure to try and stay on top of the pain.

Today Cassie was upset because she was hungry and I couldn't let her eat anything. The first 24 hours she is only allowed cold liquids. I agree it is cruel and unusual punishment...Popsicles, slushies, and cold clear liquids. But there is a reason to the madness...keep swelling down. Try explaining this to a hungry 7 year old though. And then try telling her not to cry because she is going to make her throat hurt more. I felt like I was the meanest mom ever! Tomorrow we move onto soft foods (soft eggs, oatmeal, mac-n-cheese, etc) and continue cold liquids. I even went out and bought her favorite Pasta Roni to make it a little easier. I'm a little concerned about this move to solids though because she threw up once tonight. Not sure the why of this, but I can say that it didn't help to make the throat any more happy. We'll take things slow tomorrow.

I really hope that this surgery aides in her sleep issues. The doctor said that her tonsils and adenoids were very big. On a scale with 4 being the biggest she was a 3 or 3.5 he said. However, we can't judge if the surgery helped with sleeping until all the swelling goes about 3 weeks.

(Sleeping angel, after surgery)