February 27, 2008

I'd like to start this post off with a birthday wish for my dad. Today (the 27th) is his birthday. I won't say how old he is....just that he is old :) So....



We are now down to the count down for Cassie's surgery. It is Friday morning. Tonight I was talking with her about it. Her response was to cover her ears and say "la la la la". Guess she didn't want to talk about it.

I was looking at the calendar today at when she'll be going back to school and such. Found out that she'll go back for 4 days before being off for a week for Spring Break. Lucky gal. Hopefully when she goes back after Spring Break, she'll be getting better rest and won't be so emotional and tired.

Tonight Buffy was up in her "tower" and Lightning decided that he wanted to be up with her. He climbed up, Buffy stayed up with him very briefly, and then let him have the tower.

After she left Lightning continued to lay in the tower. All the time looking longingly at Buffy. I really think that he wants her to be close to him.

They are working at becoming friends. They actually play a little now. Chase each other back and forth. Buffy isn't real sure how to play though so she gets upset after a little bit. Lightning is good about it though. He just lays on his back and looks at her.