This way Molanator!

Kalli has Cassie's old camera now that Cassie got a better one for her birthday. The batteries in the old one are dead, but Kalli doesn't realize this. For the past 2 days Kalli had been walking around taking make-believe pictures of everything. Tonight... she was taking pictures of her toast. I'm beginning to think that maybe she spends too much time with me.


At school today Cassie accidentally loosened her already loose tooth causing it to bleed some. She ended up going to the office crying because it scared her. Once in the office she asked to go home. Of course the office told her no. She obviously doesn't know the rules of coming home from school. No worries, I explained them tonight.

Tonight she was holding her finger over her tooth anytime she talked or tried eating because she said that if felt funny. I'm sure that her finger over her tooth didn't feel funny at all.

Long story short, her tooth came out. And you know what, losing a tooth is traumatizing! Her face went completely panicked, she handed me her tooth, and started sobbing. I got her a washcloth to bite on and talked her down.

Once I convinced her that it wasn't the end of the world, and that she couldn't keep the washcloth in her mouth for the next week or so, things were good.

She looked at it in the mirror, telling me that she didn't want to touch it with her tongue, (like I would make her) and was very proud of herself. Now she is talking about how she is so excited to go to school tomorrow to show her friends and her teacher. It's like the freak-out had never occurred.