January 13, 2008

Tonight was Cassie's birthday party. Cassie had a wonderful time and Kalli kept asking when she would be able to open a present. I think she was thinking that it was like Christmas and they'd take turns opening. Once she got that all the gifts were for Cassie, she kept saying "we share?"
Hopefully that works out otherwise I'm in for more arguments.

Cassie enjoyed her cake. Here is a picture to prove how much. It had blue frosting.

Before the party, my cousin Matt came over to help the girls build a snowman. Between daddy, Matt and the girls they made this snowman.


After the party Andy and I took the girls to the theater to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. The girls loved the movie. Part way through, however, Kalli had a meltdown. What caused this meltdown, you ask? It was awful....she was out of soda. AND we gave her water. OH MY GOSH! I know, it's horrible. I tried to explain to Kalli that she couldn't have any more soda and that now she could have water. She sobbed in the movie. I tried to calm her down telling her that if she didn't calm down and stop crying that we would have to go out into the hall. She didn't care. We had denied her what she thought she should have.

I brought her out into the hall....having to pick her up/drag her out as she screamed. I then tried to get her to come sit with me in the lobby to talk. Instead she decided to stand outside of the doors crying and screaming/talking loudly saying "Me hate time out!" over and over. I stayed calm and went and sat down where she could see me and waited for her to come to me. Even with staff looking. Once she came over to me she climbed up on my lap, told me that she hates time outs, and we talked it over. She finally calmed down and we went back into the movie, but it took about 15 minutes. After the meltdown she drank her water and was all good.

Gotta love 3 year olds. They have their own thoughts and know it. Really hate it when you don't agree with it. And top that all off with the fact that they HATE reasoning with you.

How much longer until she turns 4?


Cassie news: She has her first loose tooth! She is wiggling it constantly and very excited about it.