December 17, 2007

So I did it. I made the first batch of Christmas cookies today. I should say that I baked them. I mixed them up Friday night, but never got around to baking them until this morning. Kalli helped. She was very good at spreading the flour around. And by around I mean all over the counter, her shirt, and onto the floor. By the end she even had it in her eye lashes. My girl is talented!

So the cookies are baked, waiting to be frosted, and decorated. And I have to say...the apartment smells yummy. I'm thinking I should bake more often with how good it smells. If only I knew more about baking and more recipes. Considering trying though. Andy is all for it.

Right now Kalli is sleeping in my bed. She just crawled in, covered her and her baby up, and went to sleep. Have I mentioned how much she is like me?? And how much I love her?

Cassie is still at school. When she gets home it'll be homework time, feeding time, and then off to the Y for my class. If there is time in between then we'll decorate some cookies. I have to admit that I feel kinda bad because we do most things while she is at school. She misses out on a lot of things.

However, sometimes it is easier just having one helper spreading flour all around.