Christmas Countdown: 5 days

Today was Cassie's concert at school. Of course, they can't call it a "Christmas" concert, so instead it was their Winter concert. To me.... it's the same thing only they sing about snow instead of Santa.

Here is a clip of my favorite song that the first graders sang.

In case you couldn't understand what they were saying...
It's the first snowball of the year.
And me and the kids in the neighborhood
packed and pounded and rounded it good
then we rolled it over to main street
and people were popping their lids
for the first snow ball of the season
when we were kids
Sorry Auntie Mary...I know that you can't view this. It is because AOL sucks.


After the concert the girls and I headed to the mall and met up with Grandma and Grandpa. The girls saw Santa, told him their wishes, and got their picture taken with him. I'll get that over-priced picture up here as soon as I get it scanned in. I, however, did bring my camera so you'll get a picture of it now as well. You are so lucky!

I was surprised at how brave they were this year. Neither of them were scared at all and they actually talked to him. It's amazing what a year will do.