Story Time

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. I decided to get out, soak up some of that wonderful vitamin D, and enjoy the warmth. I feel like I could have just sat in a reclined chair with my face towards the sun letting the rays warm my insides. I now understand why flowers and plants always grow towards the sun.

The winter seems to leave me cold and dark on the inside. When the sun finally decides to stay out and the temperatures rise, I feel like I go outside and you could almost see me soaking in the sun. It warms my insides, thaws me, and makes me feel calm and more relaxed. I'll probably never leave Wisconsin...this is where I was born and I'm not the type of person to up and move, however...I will never like the winters. The cold, snow, wind, and the length of it all. It would probably be healthier for me if I were to move somewhere where the sun was out a bit more, but it'll probably never happen. And if it does I have to wait for my parents to retire so they can move with us. My parents would never let us go with the girls, the girls would be heartbroken not being able to see grandma and grandpa every weekend, and let's just say it....I need my mom close by. My dad too, of course, but when I need to vent or someone to lean's my mom.

I remember when Andy and I first got married, there would be times that I would be having a rough time and Andy would bring me over to my parents' house and you could almost see him handing me over to my mom as if to say, "she is broken, please fix her". He didn't know what to do to help so he did what he did know. And that was that when I am in crisis mode, I need my mommy. :) It is a good lesson for many men around the world to learn.

But back to the subject on which I was going to write this post...

Sunny, warm day. Beautiful out. Enjoy weather and soak up vitamin D. Caught up? Alright.

I decided that I would take Brady for a walk so I loaded him up in my stroller and we were off.
I didn't have any destination in mind when we left, I just walked. After a while I noticed that we were getting closer to the park so that became our destination. And here is where our little story begins.

I of course had my camera with me. Would I be me if I didn't??

I took some pictures of Brady sitting on some things and some things he was wondering about. No worries mommy and daddy...We just posed for pictures. We didn't do any firsts. We are leaving that for you.

Brady sitting on the bottom of a tube slide.
Wondering at what point he can slide down it into his mommy's arms.

Just sitting in the swing. I made sure not to swing it at all.
Brady is wondering when he can get his first under-duck.

I didn't even try to get him to sit on this...say hello to my no broken baby policy. Brady is wondering what these levers with the fulcrum in the middle are. And when daddy will help him work it.

Brady can't wait to try to shoot some hoops. First he has to learn to spell horse.

Brady is wondering... 1. what is this stuff and how can I get it to my mouth to taste it?? 2. Can I play t-ball some day?

Brady wonders about climbing this. Yeah...even I cringe at that idea. No broken babies please.

Photo-shoot continues at home. We practiced sitting....

Tummy time...AND holding something. We've come a long way baby!

Little Monkey toes... He kept opening and closing his toes and playing with the opposite foot.

I'm so enamored with this little boy. And those eyes!

End of story... for now :)