In the words of Kalli: Eewww Winter, Yummy Summer

Warning: This post contains a lot of pictures. You're welcome.

Who ordered this icky weather? Not I said the duck. If I had to be one of the nay sayers in "Little Red Hen" I'd be the duck. I like the duck. Though ducks do quack under pressure. Haha :)

Anywho... the girls are loving the snow because it means time outside to play each day after school. Yeah, they could have played outside before it snowed, but now there is a built in toy and Cassie is in heaven.

While I'm trying to avoid being out in the cold and snow, I'm enjoying the built in photo-op. I ventured out into the drift that was past my boots to get some nice pictures of the new fallen snow.

Like this snow covered pine tree and the sunset that was going on behind it. Or the following picture. There is a bush under there somewhere.

We could always play the hidden picture game with this next picture. Can you find 5 pumpkins?

After warming up and have dinner, Andy and I got the Christmas tree and decorations out. Andy set up the tree and put on the lights; I handed out decorations and took pictures; and the girls decorated.

The final result was very lovely. We are planning on making some homemade decorations to add to the tree as the month goes on, but for now. Here is how it looks.

On a final note, I would like to point out that after posting for 30 days straight, I'm still going. Impressed aren't you? You should be. I'm amazed that I'm still going.