November 20, 2008

Tonight Kalli was playing her favorite game. With a notepad and pen in hand she goes to each person in the room and either asks "what do you want?" or "what's your name". She then jots down lines, slashes, and letters. It is something that entertains my little peanut. Here is the conversation that we had with her while she was playing her game.

Kalli to Andy: What's your name?
Andy: Bob
Kalli: Ok, D-A-D.

Andy and I stifle our giggles

Kalli to me: And what is your name?
Me: Frankie
Kalli: Ok, M-O-M.

At this point I started laughing. Kalli just moved on like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Good to know that we've taught her the fine art of sarcasm. She totally gets it. And ignores it.


Becky said...

uh-oh, sarcasm already. Her training must begin soon. She has to learn the fine art of sarcasm: when to use it, where to use it, who to use it with...these are skills only a master may teach. I've always wanted an apprentice.