Scooby Doo, where are you?

A crime has been committed and I need your help to solve it. Something was stolen from me. Something precious and near and dear to me. Only you can help me.

When I woke this morning I found that it was Monday. Somehow, while I was sleeping, my weekend was stole from me. The only trace left behind of the weekend is a pile of apples, 6 pumpkins, and assorted pictures. Somehow the thief also stole my memories because I don't recall much of anything.

Honestly, though, you ever have one of those weekends?

Friday night Cassie had Cheerleading Clinic. She had a blast as usual. Kalli is looking forward to when she can go starting next year and stole Cassie's pom poms as soon as clinic was over.

Saturday Andy worked a normal 7-3 shift. This sucked big time. The girls and I picked him up from work and proceeded to the Zoo for Trick-or-treating. After we finished at the zoo we returned to my parents and the girls spent the night there. I was very achy and just wanted to go home to bed. So I did.

Sunday EARLY morning. I woke and spent a good amount of time in the bathroom sick. When the alarm went off for church, I started crying. I was tired, aching everywhere, nauseous, and just wanted some one to shoot me. But being a mommy (aka: Non-selfish person that will do anything for a little person that doesn't realize what is being done for them) that I am, I sucked it up knowing that we were to go to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard with Andy's parents after Sunday school. I kept myself drugged so that I could somewhat function, but still...Sunday sucked.

At 3:00pm Sunday we finally got home and I went directly to bed. Did not pass go, did not collect $200. I pretty much slept until the alarm went off this morning at 7:00am. Today I feel much better but a little on the weak side and very disoriented.

Now to share some of the cute things I do remember.

At the apple orchard, Kalli was eating an apple and informed me that she didn't like the nuts. When I looked at her wondering what on earth she was talking about, I saw that she was eating the seeds. I told her that she was eating the seeds and not nuts, she said, "Oh... I don't like the seeds." Hello, beautiful! You're not suppose to eat the seeds!!

Cassie on the other hand just had a hard time eating it at all. Something about having a missing upper tooth and 4 other loose teeth.


In parting let me share this with you. Earlier today Andy and I were talking about someone who is in the public eye and I said "I'm sure he is older then my dad." Kalli looks at me and says, "He's gotta be like 15." Oh, to be 4.