They are robots I tell you!

Yesterday after school was done, we went grocery shopping. I know, we know how to have fun. As we got up to the register Kalli ran ahead of us to the clerk and said, "Can I have a sticker, please?" She was handed a sticker and she then said, "Thank you" She has never done this before. She normally will barely take a sticker offered to her.

During dinner last night Cassie finished her meal and asked for dessert. I told her that she needed to wait until everyone was finished eating. Cassie's response? Could I read my book please? That girl loves reading. In the past 5 days she has read 6.5 books. Crazy!

Tonight for dinner I made a roast with carrots and baked potatoes. Yes, I've become Suzy Homemaker since the girls went back to school. We serve up plates and before Andy and I are even seated, Cassie has eaten all the meat on her plate. I give her a little more telling her that she needed to eat her carrots too. She does so and asks for more. Cassie is usually a very picky eater so the fact that she was enjoying a meal that I made...a meal that wasn't from a box...was shocking.

Therefore, seeing the examples that I've given, I've decided that my children have been abducted and polite, good natured, robots have replaced them. It is either that or school is having a very nice effect on the girls. My bet is on robots though.