September 24, 2008

Kalli got on her bus this morning with a smile on her face and waved to me as the bus pulled away. This was a relief to me because for some reason, I don't like seeing my BaBee sobbing as the bus pulls away from the curb. Something about a mother's instinct to protect her child and keep them happy. It takes a lot of will power to stand there smiling and waving when everything in your being wants to run after the bus and cradle your girl back into your arms whispering sweet sounds to her. Now if only my will power were that good when food is concerned.

I know that separation anxiety is part of growing up. And I know that because she has never been in a day care setting or preschool setting she has never gotten past that anxiety. Still, I find it completely heart wrenching when she is so upset.

By the time I pick her up about 4 hours later she is smiling and happy, though the teachers and principal have told me that she is having a hard time during the day. They say that she will be fine for a little bit and then will just start crying saying that she misses her mommy and sister.

Yesterday, the principal sat down with Kalli at recess and had a talk with her. I am not sure what she said, it may have even been the same things that I have been saying, but after their talk Kalli was walking around with two other girls from her class holding their hands. The rest of the day she was fine at school.

In other news some pretty amusing things have been said around here.

Kalli to a barney toy that had just said let's play some more.... "I just played with you now be quiet."

While riding on a bouncy horse and carrying a toy pitchfork, she tells Cassie, "I am going to go kill some bad people." Cassie replies, "Oh no you don't missy. You get back here right now." And after no response from Kalli, "Don't make me come over there."

And lastly...

Kalli has been carrying around a very small book lately. It is actually Andy's and is a guide of all the star wars characters. (I know...sad!) Kalli asked me how it got so small. On a whim I said, "When a book gets old and people are done reading it they get small so that they don't take up so much room." She thought that was convienent and moved on.