September 22, 2008

This past weekend was Andy's birthday and I can honestly say that he enjoyed it completely. Friday night we went out as adults (no it wasn't Halloween...we like to pretend though) and Saturday afternoon we had his family and my immediate family over for a little party. I can also tell you that Andy is spoiled. He got a computer game from his brothers and parents that he wanted and once everyone was gone we went out to get more memory for the computer so that he could play it. The first place we went for it was out of what we needed and I have to say that I felt bad for Andy. It was like giving a child a toy with no batteries. We did get the memory that we needed at the next place though and Andy was a happy boy. He stayed up until 12:30am playing that night and suffered the next day when we had to get up and go to church for 8:15 service.

Also this past weekend, I went out to my grandparent's house to take pictures. There is no one living there anymore. No one probably should have been living there for quite a while as it is very run down and dilapidated. I'm sure some would wonder, why then I want to take pictures of the place. My answer? It is where my grandma and grandpa lived. It is where my mom, aunts, and uncle grew up. There is a lot of history there and, for lack of a better way to say it, I like old buildings/things. Top that all off with my love to take pictures.

When I was out there I didn't get to spend as much time taking pictures and walking around as I would like to because of time limits I was on. (Cassie had a carnival to attend) I'd like to go back out there to get more pictures.

Here is one of the pictures that I did get of the front of the house. Mind you, no one entered through the front of the house.