Second posting for lucky people

When I picked up Cassie today from school I was told that she had an awesome day. Awesome translates into 'she didn't cry today'. I was so excited and proud. I feel like we spent the rest of the day telling people about it and celebrating. I'm hoping that we are at the turning point for Kalli's anxieties.


Since I've now become a Rachel Ray and am making suppers every night, most of them new meals, we've come up with a plan to let me know which ones are favorites. The plan goes like this... After a meal I ask each person about it and they can give it a star or no star. Therefore, the most a meal can get is 4 stars. This would be if everyone liked the meal and this would mean that this is a meal that I could make more often. If a meal had say only 2 stars, I'd still make it from time to time but not as often.

This week our meals consist of:

Monday - Egg Salad Sandwiches (4 stars)
Tuesday - Italian Seasoned Chicken (4 stars) with a Pasta Roni which the girls love
Wednesday - Plain Roast (4 stars) and Rainbow Rotini with Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes (1.5 stars)

Yet to have this week, Spaghetti (just normal boring spaghetti) and Roasted Lemon Chicken with Green Beans and Potatoes.

Maybe I should start doing a 'Did They Eat It' part of my blog when I try new things. Something to think about. What do you think??