Meet the Teacher

Tonight we meet Cassie's teacher and drop of a majority of her school supplies. Cassie is very much looking forward to meeting her teacher and seeing her new classroom. I know that this will go better then when Kalli met her teacher on Monday and didn't say a word to her teacher. In fact, when I said something about "meeting the teacher" tonight, Kalli got a panicked look on her face and asked if she had to see her teacher again. Boy, when they head to school next week it should be a blast. I can already imagine myself having to literally drag Kalli to school. She'll be crying all her normal 'I'm not happy/not comfortable with this sayings'...."I'm tired" and "But, I'll miss you!!"

I'm considering charging admission and lining chairs up along the 2 blocks to her school. I'll even throw candy as I go by. It'll be great.