Family Night

Tonight was Family Night at Lambeau Field. We got tickets for the game and went early to enjoy the several activities they had going on. We even took the girls to the Hall of Fame. Not only is that place packed with information, but it also has things for the kids to do.

At 530, as it was time to go into the stadium, it started raining some and lightning. By the time we got to where our section was they had made an announcement for everyone to leave the bleachers and wait in the concourse. At first it didn't seem so bad. We hung out and talked. The girls played a little bit with the bam-bams they got when we walked in. Then the girls sat down.

We waited.

And waited.

And waited.

At 7:00 we decided that the girls were getting too antsy, we were hot, and we didn't know if they would be playing at all tonight. Cassie was disappointed, but I think her boredom made her agree with our decision to leave.

Mind you we are half way around the stadium from where we stored the wheelchair. And it is crowded. Very crowded. Andy picks Cassie up and we start making our way through the crowd towards the wheelchair. About half way to our destination point I'm sick of being nice and waiting for the line to move. Also, Andy looks like he is going to pass out or pull his back out. So I start pushing my way through and weaving through the crowds. I hold onto Kalli (Lord knows if I let go of her I may never see her again. She is so little!) and go. Andy hears a male behind him say "I like her...Follow her...she knows what she is doing." Finally, we reach the desk where the chair is being held and Andy is able to put Cassie down. He looks like he needs the wheelchair more then Cassie, but he just wants to get out in the air more then anything.

As we make our way across town we decide to stop for ice cream. The girls were troopers today. There was a lot of walking, heat, and in the end...disappointment. We pull into Culvers and Cassie is overjoyed. Kalli, is sleeping.