Cat Dog Dog Cat

"LIGHTNING!" Kalli screams.

"Kalli stop screaming at Lightning." I say as I walk to see where she is standing and why exactly she has found it necessary to yell at him. Again.

I find him chewing on one of Andy's Croc-wanna-be's. "What on Earth is wrong with you?" I mutter as I take it from where he was laying. He, of course, isn't there anymore. As soon as I saw him with it he took off abandoning his 'chew toy'.

Earlier today Kalli had screamed at him and came to me with one of my old flip flops. "Where did you get that?", I asked her.

"From Lightning. He was carrying it in his mouth" She tells me. (she is the informer of the family)

My flip flops home is on the floor of my bedroom closet. This means that he not only had said flip flop, but he went in my closet to get it and carried it out to the living room.

I thought that dogs chewed on shoes....not cats. What the hey??