August 21, 2008

Ok. Someone needs to give me the updated 'Child Rearing' handbook. Stat.

Tonight Cassie started crying. When I questioned what was wrong it was the same as last night. She is afraid of dying. I took her into her room and closed the door. We talked for about half an hour, me trying to calm her fears. The most shocking things that she asked/said?? 1.) She said that she is scared because when she dies she won't be able to see anything. Dirt will be covering her. 2.) She asked if after she dies she'll become a skeleton.

The worst part is that I don't know how to respond to her. I feel like I'm floundering. I want to be honest with her, but I don't her to be any more scared then she is. I told her that when a person dies their spirit, what makes them who they are, leaves and goes to be with God. She had a few more questions, but seemed to calm some.

I still don't know where this all coming from. I do know that in the books she is reading, one horse died. However, Cassie knows of horses and other animals dying. She has actually had lots of experience in her short life with death. I just wish I understood why she is suddenly thinking about it so much.



The other day when we were at the library we picked up 3 books. That was on Tuesday. Cassie has, since then, read 3 books. We are going to need to get more books for camping this weekend. While we were at the library Cassie asked if she could start reading a book. I told her that I would prefer that she go play for a while first. She walked away looking like I was torturing her. About 5 minutes later I found her sitting at a table reading a different book that she had found. The girl is addicted. It isn't a bad addiction, but still...

Today Kalli spilled dry cereal in the living room. I told her that she had to pick it up. Suddenly she was very tired. I gave her a choice. Either she cleaned it up or she would have to go to time out. A couple minutes later she still hadn't picked it up. When I called for her she answered. From her time out area. Cassie and I stifled our laughter. Kalli had put herself in time out. I guess it was better then cleaning up her mess at the time.