July 23, 2008

Today Cassie started flexing her muscles. I started "woo hoo"ing and talking about her 'guns'. She was eating it up and posing for me. Then she kissed each of her muscles. I laughed and asked where she learned that. She told me from Home on the Range...the horse, Buck, is showing his muscles and kisses each arm. Have I mentioned how much I love that girl??


Kalli: I'm done going to the bathroom.
Me: Ok...wipe and come out.
Kalli: No you come wipe
Me: No, you are 4. Wipe and come out.
Kalli: No. You need to come wipe or I'll beat you.
Me: Well, you'll be sitting there a long time.

Where does she get this stuff from?? Now mind you, from time to time I say that I'll beat them up, but geez. I'm just playing with them. Guess I'll have to watch what I say a little more though.