Camping 2008 - Trip 1

Yesterday we got home from a weekend of camping. I didn't post because after unpacking, showers, and going to see both our set of parents, all I wanted to do was lay in my bed. My nice comfortable bed. I've decided that I'm getting too old to sleep on the ground or with a small mat. We are getting an air mattress before our next trip.

Here is a very quick overview of our weekend.
Saturday - After setting up camp, it rained for a while. Cassie ends up slipping and falling into mud. She is not a happy girl and she needed to be changed.
Sunday - Cold. Windy. Cold.
Monday - Sunny, nice, and we are packing up...of course. Cassie asks what we are doing for lunch and I tell her we'll have it at home. Kalli starts to cry, "I hate lunch at home" She doesn't want to do anything with 'going home'.

It was a very relaxing weekend overall and I can't wait for our next trip. I'm just hoping that we have warmer/drier weather.

And of course...I do have pictures. I only took about 180 pictures over the weekend. Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure.

On Sunday, Cassie fell asleep in her chair by the campfire. It could be that she was enjoying the fire that much. Or it could be the fact that she was up at 2:30am. What do you think?
Cassie's thigh. This is one of the many mosquito bites that she got. The bites on her get HUGE!!

As we were packing up (and Andy was brushing all the dozens of spiders off the tent) I spent some time getting a few pictures of the girls. They obliged. Or I should say Cassie did and Kalli got jealous of the attention that Cassie was getting and joined in.

FYI: In August I will have been posting on this blog for 2 years. Pretty awesome, don't you think??