But, oh oh, those summer nights!

As I sit here typing this it is 10:21. We just got home at 10:00 and rushed to get the kids changed and into bed. Kalli broke down in tears because her giraffe, Toppy, was not by her. He was found and given to her and she cried more because, in the morning, she is going to want him down out of her bed. Andy explained that she could bring him down with her in the morning. She cried, but I want him up here now. Someone is just a little tired.

Tonight we met up with Andy's parents and our nephew for one last night together before he leaves for home. Tomorrow the girls and I will go to see him off at the airport and I'm hoping the girls aren't too upset about him leaving. Over the past month the girls have become quite attached to him and love having another cousin to play with.

We spent the evening riding go-carts, riding bumper boats, playing miniature golf, and having ice cream. It was a full evening of summer fun.

Cassie and I shared a go-cart while Andy and Kalli shared one. Cassie and I won by the skin on our teeth. As we pulled into the pit road she said to me "I want to do that again!" When we went over to the bumper boats Kalli and I shared a boat. Somehow we were the least wet at the end. Andy and Cassie ended up going right under the waterfall. I thought there would be tears, but Cassie just laughed. Golf was a blast, and though we didn't play every hole or keep score, the girls did awesome at it. By the time we were finished with golf, the playing lights were coming on and the mosquitoes were coming out.

We finished the night with ice cream, and may have pushed the night too far with it. The girls just wanted that extra time with their cousin and since we don't know when we'll get to see him next, we didn't want to say no. By the time we got home the girls were chilled from the wet clothes, bug bitten, and overtired.

But I can guarantee you that they had a wonderful night and won't soon forget it or this summer. And that is what matters in the end.