Summer 2008

Only 4 days of school left and then I will have both girls home all day every day. Pray for me.

I've been trying to think of things to do with the girls that will keep us busy, keep them learning, and keep them from driving mommy insane. Ok...more insane then mommy already is.

My first idea was to have a theme each week. Something that we "learn" about and do something (project?) about each week. It would allow the part of me that wants to be a teacher grow and enjoy the summer.

Now, with only 4 days until summer is upon us, I'm not sure what it is that I want to do. I still kind of like the idea of learning something new each week and sort of having a "theme". But I only get as far as the idea and a few details and then I'm lost.

Here is an example of what I'm thinking. Week one: We spend some time each day discussing manners, respect, and responsibility. Practicing being polite to one another, developing some responsibilities at home, and such. In this case "an outting" could be as simple as going out to eat. Using our manners, being responsible for our actions, and respecting others that are out to eat at the same place. I'd start the summer off with this because it is something that I really want the girls to get practice in. Being responsible for their things, their actions, respecting others, and using those manners a little more.

My problem lies in the fact that I can't get much further. I know that I'd like to also do something with Camping the weekend before our first camping trip, I'd like to do something with water...and then go for a walk down along the fox. But then I start looking at the number of weeks in the summer, and the cost of gas/everything and I get overwhelmed.

Here is what I know. I really would like to have some structure this summer, but not overly structured. I would like to do weekly trips to the library, lots of walks, "feild trips", and such. Now how do I get this all accomplished? Any ideas or thoughts would be MUCHO appreciated. Like I said....4 school days and counting. Email or comment. I can use all the help I can get.