Summer 2008 begins!

Today was Cassie's last day of school. And it was a half day at that. I'm not sure what the point of a half day as the last day is. Kinda seems silly to me. When I picked Cassie up today, I spoke to her teacher and she seemed to agree with me. The entire day was pretty much spent as a social hour. Of course, by this time of the year, the attention span is pretty much shot anyway.

So I picked up Cassie today, we had an appointment to have straps replaced on her braces, and the girls and I went to School House to get some "summer supplies". This was the first time I've brought them to the School House and I think they have joined me in my love of that place. I feel like I could spend hours there. If it weren't for the fact that we had grocery shopping to do and Cassie was getting tired of standing...the three of us could have spent hours there too.

We picked up books for each of them for over the summer called Summer Bridge books. These books work on things that are appropriate for each of them. Cassie's works on bridging from first grade to second, and Kalli's works on going into Kindergarten. We also picked up an art project for us to do. I have a couple other craft things that I would like to do sometime throughout the summer, hopefully on rainy days. Lastly, Cassie got a book of Black Beauty to read. I thought that we did pretty well of not going crazy in the wind with spending, but I'm sure that we will make trips to School House over the summer.

Cassie going into first grade.

Cassie leaving first grade. (please ignore the dopey look. She likes to make these faces when I'm taking pictures. Drives me crazy!)

Quite a difference, don't you think??