Quiet times

We've started something for this summer where every day after lunch the girls have to go to their beds for quiet time. During this time they must be in their own bed and can read or just lay down for 30 minutes. Absolutely no talking during this time.

Most days Kalli falls asleep, which is a sign to me that she needed to lay down. Cassie lays down and rests, but hasn't yet fallen asleep. Andy and I enjoy the quietness and it gives us time to collect ourselves and regain a little control.

The problem with this 30 minute period (other then it isn't long enough :) is that about 3 times during quiet time Cassie calls out to me to see how much time is left. Kind of defeats the purpose of quiet time. I'm beginning to think about setting a small alarm in the kitchen and telling her that when she hears the alarm, time is up. However, if she talks before the alarm goes off, I add 2 minutes to the time...for every time she talks.

I've noticed that after these quiet times things seem a little easier and I don't feel as frazzled.

Yeah for quiet times :)