June 8. 2008

Tonight the Andy, the girls and I cleaned up the girls room. It started out with the girls and I cleaning and once it was time to go through toys to get rid of some things, the girls were sent into the living room to play while Andy helped me.

From time to time the girls would come to the doorway to look in the box of things we were getting rid of. Only to be shooed away when they asked why certain things were going. We've decided that the girls have to many things and they keep everything. We even found 2 batteries at the bottom of their toy box. Where on earth did they get the batteries??

Tomorrow (Monday) is Cassie's last day of school. It is only a half day too. I'll be picking her up to bring her to an appointment to get straps replaced on her braces. Then...We are in Summer Vacation. I'm still a little worried about keeping them busy enough that they don't drive me insane, but free enough that they enjoy summer. I already have 2-3 play dates made for this week. One of which is with her cousin, which will hopefully be a sleepover as well. Cassie and Kalli will be in heaven!

Maybe I will survive summer after all. If I do go missing, check under my bed...I may just go into hiding there until September.