June 23, 2008

This past weekend was a crazy weekend. I felt like I spent the entire time running from one thing to another. Next weekend we head to High Cliff for camping. We are all looking forward to our first camping trip of the year. I've been going over my list to make sure everything on it is accurate, buying a couple things that we will need, and hoping that it doesn't rain.

I honestly think that we've been getting enough rain lately and I'm hoping that it doesn't pour on us while we are camping. Looking at the forecast so far, it is 30% chance of rain. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Tonight I gave the girls baths. As I was helping Kalli out of the bath she stepped on the edge of the bath. As I was escorting her to the other bathroom to comb her hair she told me how it is a 'safety violation' to step on the edge of the tub. It isn't safe. Even though I tried to tell her that it wasn't so bad because I was holding her hand she still insisted that it was a 'safety violation'. Where does she get this stuff??