What a Man, What a Man, What a Man, What a mighty good man

Today Kalli woke me up.

Kalli - Daddy needs you.
Me - (Trying to make brain wake up) Daddy needs me?
Kalli - Yeah...he got you flowers.
Andy (from living room) - Kalli! You were just suppose to tell her I needed her.
I stumble into the living room and Andy is standing there holding a large bouquet of flowers. He then wished me an happy early mother's day. He had taken Kalli, after putting Cassie on the bus, and gone to get donuts, chocolate milk, and flowers. He did it today because for the rest of the week I'll be up earlier and he didn't want me to know that he was up to anything.

Let me just say how proud I am of my man. This is the first time that he has ever bought me flowers, and it was worth the wait. He made major bonus points and I've decided to keep him around for a couple more years. Like he had a choice.