May 12, 2008

Ever feel like you need things to slow down? This is how I feel lately. I feel like life is moving in fast forward and I'm just holding on for dear life.

There is only 11 days until Kalli turns 4. She has been more cuddly the past couple days and I've been enjoying every second of it. All of a sudden I feel like she is growing up too quickly and I've missed some large chunk of time. Can't we rewind time a little bit so I can hold on to her "babyhood" for just a little longer??

Alas, I can't go back. Story of my life...always trying to resist going forward without any success.


The past couple days Kalli has been playing a game with me where she is the mommy and I'm the baby. She'll call out to me, I love you baby. And I respond with, I love you too mommy. She loves the role reversal and I love seeing her be a little "mommy".

This past weekend was Mother's Day. We enjoyed breakfast out with my parents, brother, and his girlfriend. After which Kelli and I ran an errand to get my mom's Mother's day gift. We all pitched in and got her a bouquet from Edible Arrangements. They make bouquets of fruit. I think this is a wonderful idea and a healthier option to candy, chocolate, or any other sweets.


On Saturday Andy, the girls, and I met up with Andy's brother, Tim and his family. We took the kids to the Wildlife Sanctuary to feed the geese and such. Afterwards, we went over to Castle Karts and the men took Kalli and her cousin, Kyra on the race cars. I have to say I was impressed with how Cassie took the news that she can't ride because of her back. I think she is coming to terms with the fact that she is going to miss out on some things. At least she is at terms...for now. Of course the men followed this with a ride without the kids :)

Andy with Kalli followed by Tim with Kyra

Cassie holding hands with Kyra at the Sanctuary

When we left to head home, Kalli started whining/crying saying "I miss my cousin." She did this for a good hour. I love that girl, but wow....she has stamina.