I'm alive. Honest

Miss me? I know that a few of you did. I know I've been lacking on posts. That is mainly because I don't know what to blog about. Sure the girls do or say cute things, but to post about each and'd be sick of it.


In 6 days my little girl will be 4. She is hoping for everything that is on her birthday list and to be able to wear make-up. I wish her the best of luck in that.

The other night she cried herself to sleep because I wouldn't let her wear makeup. When I told her that 3 was too little for make up she asked if she could when she was 4, after which she asked when she would be changed enough to wear it.

She's going to be a fun preteen.

Cassie had a field trip this week to the museum. I was able to go and sit with her while she worried about having to see spiders. As they passed around the first spider (inside a container) I held it for Cassie to look at. Surprisingly enough....she liked looking at it. She held my hand and moved the container that way, examining the spider. I was actually very impressed with how interested she was once she started looking at them. Not that she wants to have one crawling on her, but looking at them inside something...that is ok.