Four year olds vs three year olds

Somehow, 4 year olds have more energy then 3 year olds. I'm not sure where it comes from, but they do. Four year olds also have more attitude and are more opinionated. They eat better, are more independent, and are better helpers. I know this all after having a 4 year old for only 5 days. I'm sure that it is just that she knows that she is 4 and therefore has to act 4, but I find it interesting all the changes that have taken place already.

Kalli now sleeps all night in her own bed - the top bunk. She also is doing a pretty good job at stopping sucking her thumb. She is, however, allowed to have her thumb when she is laying down to go to sleep. The changes that she has made in the past week show me that when she puts her mind to something she can do anything. This makes me a little nervous for later in life...like when she is a preteen and teenager.

Kalli's favorite thing lately is to be outside and moving. For her birthday she got...SEVERAL things. One of the things that she received is this big girl bike. Can you guess what she wants to do when she is outside?

Every now and then Kalli does have a down moment. I caught one of these rare moments on camera the other day when Cassie called me into the living room at my parents. Kalli had crawled up on the chair with Cassie, laid down on Cassie, and fell asleep. She may be 4, more independent and energetic, but she still (and will always) need her sister.