I apologize for the lack of blog last night. I know that some of my more.....loyal readers hate when I miss one night, and lately I'm been missing quite a few. Last night I just wanted to get to bed though. This morning I had to take Cassie to school for "Muffins with Mom".

While I enjoy doing this event with her and seeing her classroom (That I see weekly...but that is besides the point) and sitting spending some quality time with her alone, they could really make my day and move it to about lunch time. It is no secret that I'm not a fan of mornings. So at 715 this morning I got up, got ready, and took my little girl to school.

It was fun to sit with her and see how many people said hi to her. I swear everyone in that school knows her. However, there are several times when I would ask, "Who was that?" and she would say, "I don't know...they just know me." This seems to be a theme in Cassie's life. Everyone knows her, but she knows very few.