Yeah for Spring

As Cassie was doing her homework tonight, I found a homework sheet that I was very interested in. This sheet was a word search, but not just any word search. The words that she had to find weren't just written for her. They were finger spelled out in sign language. She had to first figure out what each letter was to make the word and then from there find it in the word search. When I asked her about it she said that it went with the book that they were reading. A Place for Grace is a book about a deaf man who saves a dog, Grace, from going to the pound and then trains it to be his hearing dog. It is a cute book. I, however, love the fact that sign language is making it's way into her schooling.

Cassie has a small advantage to her fellow classmates for this homework. She already knows the alphabet in sign language and doesn't have to look at the little "cheat sheet" that was sent home with the homework. I have a cousin that is deaf and therefore I know sign language (though not very much...and I'm not the best at it) and lately Cassie has become more interested in learning signs and spelling things out in sign language. I'm proud that she wants to learn even though her spelling things out with sign language does get tiresome sometimes.

We've been loving the weather recently. We've been spending time outside, going to parks, and just enjoying not having to wear heavy winter jackets. The girls have been sleeping better and overall happier because of it. And, honestly, I've been more relaxed and happier as well. I'm just hoping that the nice weather continues. Which means that I'm hoping that the snow that they are forecasting for later in the week/weekend doesn't happen.

Kalli viewed from the bottom of the slide