Lip Gloss

Kalli fell asleep crying tonight. Again. This is the second night that she has pretty much cried herself to sleep. Mind you, I do feel awful about this fact. I hate listening to her cry. Especially when there is nothing that I can do to make it better. Okay, there was something that I could have done, but not really. Here is the small, short story.

Kalli likes lip gloss and chapstick. She is all-in-all addicted to it lately. Every time she puts some on she tells me how beautiful she is and that she needs to have the lip gloss/chapstick on. Her favorite lately is mint lip gloss that St Nick brought her. Darn you St Nick!

Tonight I couldn't find said lip gloss and therefore she couldn't put it on before bed. Last night I wouldn't let her put it on 5 minutes after she had already put on an application of lip gloss. I'm sure, you can now see the reason of her upset. I'm a mean, unduly cruel mother.

However, I'm sure she will live. I'm taking donations towards an account to pay for her therapy when she is adult though.

Here's looking forward to Kalli as a teenager! I'm also, coincidentally taking donations towards the therapy I'll need at that point.