He can call me Flower if he wants to....

I believe that Spring has sprung.

The reasons that I believe this?? For starters, my allergies have started to kick in. Today I found myself using more Kleenex, my throat was a little sore, and doing quite a bit of sneezing. Boy, I love this time of year.

Also today I went without a jacket during the mid-day. Kinda crazy, but it just felt so good to do.

Lastly...while out at my Aunt's this afternoon/evening, I took the following pictures while outside.

Pretty purple flowers poking out of the ground :) YIPPEE!!

Even the geese have come back. Woo Hoo!


When Cassie got off her bus today she handed me a small bouquet of flowers. They had an assembly at school today and learned about growing and keeping flowers. Each child received a small bouquet of flowers to give their parent(s). I was so touched I had to swallow back tears.

I know that I'm overly emotional, but getting gifts/presents/flowers from either of the girls really gets to me.

Cassie helped me cut the flowers and put them into water while telling me about the things she learned. She asked if I liked them and I told her of course and hugged her. She is such a sweet girl and it is moments like this that I find myself loving her so much that I think my heart will burst.