Fun filled day.

For the record: This is my 300th post on this site. I know. Pretty impressive.


As we were waiting for Cassie to get home today, Kalli decided that she needed to put on some of her lip gloss. As she is putting it on she says "I need to put on my lip gloss. I need make up on so I look beautiful." When she sees Cassie she looks at her and says, "Do you like my make up? I'm beautiful." I don't know for sure where she gets these things from. But I have to admit that it is very cute. I also have to admit that I think she is going to be a pain when she gets into middle school/high school.

Today I planned a fun filled evening for the girls. When Cassie got home from school we headed to Subway for dinner. After eating, Cassie did her homework. Then we headed to the park. The girls played, we walked in the wooded area some, and ended with playing some more before we headed home.

When we got to the park Kalli ran into the playground yelling, "Yeah! It is summer. I love summer." She yelled this over and over for about 3 minutes. Her enthusiasm was enjoyed by all mothers there.

Yeah for summer weather. Yeah for being able to go to the park and let the kids run. Yeah!

This is the girls favorite place to be. The problem with the teeter-totter? They can't do it by themselves. They need me to push Kalli down and let her up slowly so Cassie doesn't get a sore bottom.

Cassie loved pushing Kalli on the swings.

Kalli led the way on our walk in the wooded area.