Bunny Cam

Today after I picked up Cassie from school she started talking about the Easter Bunny. Asking how he gets into the house, does he go through the front door? How about if the door is locked? I answered that I wasn't sure. The Bunny is magic like Santa. Cassie then said that she had an idea. Her idea?? This next year she wants to hide a camera to tape the Easter Bunny and then watch it back in the morning.

Something tells me that I don't have that much time left with her before the "magic" is gone. No one told me that time would go by so quickly. And no one told me how hard it would be either. I find myself looking at her wondering what happened to the little baby that I brought home. The one that wore the little harness for her hips, slipped out of casts that the doctor said wouldn't come off, and had her head shaved so many times we lost count. Now her hair is almost to her waist, she is walking after doctors said she wouldn't walk, and becoming a moody, emotional tween.