April 5, 2008

Today we took a trip to NEW Zoo. And by we I mean Andy, Becky, the girls and I. It was a little nuts as today was their "Birthday Bash" and they had a lot of specials things going on in the zoo. A cake, which we didn't partake in, and presents for all of the animals.

I think most of the animals knew something was going on because it seems that most of the animals that you hardly ever see, were out. Though our favorites...the prairie dogs...must still be hibernating because they were nowhere to be found.

While we were there...we saw a few relatives. I snapped a quick picture of them.

Haha! We had a good time though and it was extremely nice to get out and enjoy the weather. I think that everyone else had that same idea. It feels like Spring may be here to stay. I sure hope so. The girls played outside with grandpa some and I think that it really helped with the cabin fever that we've all been experiencing.

I'm looking forward to when we can spend time at the park and the girls can run off energy outside. Of course, then it will get to the point where it gets too warm and I'll be wishing for it to cool off. I know, I'm just never satisfied.