April 28, 2008

Today Cassie and Kalli got their first 4-wheeler ride of the season. The girls love riding the 4-wheeler at my Aunt Mary's and have been looking forward to the first ride. When it was time to go outside after supper, Kalli ran to my cousin Matt and held her arms up. Last year she wouldn't ride with him at all. Under no circumstances. It was very nice to see that she has warmed up to him and is willing to go with him now. I got, what I think is, a very nice picture of Matt today.


Also today I got to see some pictures that were just found of my mom and aunts/uncle from when they were growing up. I really liked it so, I'm sharing :) The furthest to the left is my mom. Hi mom!!


Lastly, but definitely not least... Today is the birthday of a VERY special person. My bestest friend, Becky. Happy Birthday Becky!!!